Increasing Importance of Safety to Our Daily Lifestyle

Prevention of domestic & industrial risk is one of the important things. In day to day work process, no doubt there exist several risks around us at the workstation, and even at our home. Industrial accident however is the major health and risk factor that affects financially as compared to domestic risk. Safety communication therefore is a crucial aspect that help us keep aware and to prevent environment as well.

Home Safety

Apart from, home safety is often vital aspect as there involves risk due to several factors like as electrical appliances, gasoline danger, choking hazards, fatal fires, various items with sharp edges, and even carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the common risk factors faced by the people.  Although, there are many alternatives to be safe from such hazard but despite that, creating safe environment and living carefully too is essential. The home safety can be maintained by assessing your own property in a sense that what safety measures can be taken so as to make a safer environment.

In addition to that, Kitchen is the most risky area of your home and the major accidents take place due to leakage of gas cylinders. Generally, the gas cylinder hazards occur due to blast of cylinders due to huge amount of compressed gas get released, any part of cylinders get fails, due to falling of cylinders or may be injuries due to manual handling involves danger.  Gas cylinder safety guidelines therefore ought to be consulted in a serious manner.

How to Minimize Risks?

All gas cylinders should be designed as per the approved standard to be used as risk-free equipment. Gas cylinders must be inspected completely before supplying it to the users, plus, they must be periodically examined at particular time interval to ensure safety.



Over the past years as businesses across the internet have taken up the unbelievable growth, it has really become the challenge to build up strong corporate presence in the marketplace in order to generate substantial revenue.

Apart from various marketing strategies that have already being followed by all size of companies, time lapse video production remains as another effective technique letting businesses to broaden their dimensions more persuasively.

In fact, time lapse video has really been in popularity over the past few years due to the widespread availability and cost-effective digital cameras. As business are investing multi-million dollars to establish businesses onto digital platform, timelapse video here is a one way solution comprised of solar powered HD camera system that captures high quality videos and Hi-Res pictures.

Business Productivity through Time Lapse Videos:

Constructional business

If you’re into constructional business, time lapse video is the productive source to implement. As constructional projects require up to the mark accuracy, quality, and monitoring throughout the project; having time lapse constructional video is beneficial tool that captures complete work process and enable you take further plan of action accordingly, so there remains zero possibility of misleading in the ongoing project.

 Product-Based Business
Even if you’re into product-based business and aiming to enhance product sales; by capturing each & every activity, time lapse video production can let you know up to what extent your products or services are receiving attention.

Getting every single moment captured through time lapse video equipment would be productive while organizing events for your product launching, trade shows, conventions, or even at exhibitions.

Lastly, time lapse videos are one of the fastest growing mediums to enhance business productivity. All you need is creating trust among the end users so as to turn your business into valuable brand.


Success and profitable outcomes in business comes from loyalty, relationship, and productivity; and among these, relationship is the foremost important facet of successful business throughout. If you are good at creating and maintaining long term relationships with your clients or customers, you are going to get the ball rolling for long.

This blog is focused on telephone hold message which is an utmost beneficial tool to make your clients and consumers sustainable in today’s highly competitive digital business platform. A message on hold is the effective marketing strategy to hold your clients, as it makes business communication easy. Plus, it captivates your telephone guests through a beautiful on hold message.

Why Use Telephone Hold Messages? Here are the Practical Reasons

To sustain callers

Who cares if you are not a good responder on an ongoing call? And, what if you are the good one and even after that caller disconnects the call. Telephone on hold messages here are the most effective solution to retain your customer in any situation. Whether it’s to inform, educate, request, entertain or even advertise; a bridge of good communication will keep the things on with no misunderstandings.

To Carry Professionalism

While callers are waiting for business deal response on an ongoing call, it’s your prior responsibility to respond them in order to get the things done. A little bit of unprofessionalism or a sort of unsatisfied response can affect your image. Considering on hold voice recordings at the time if by chance you are unable to respond, can hold the things as it is.

To Sell our Product or Service

Being product based company; it’s a fact that you have to attend lot of calls regarding selling of your products. And of course this is a great opportunity to retain callers to enhance the prospects of maximum product selling opportunity. Recorded phone message is one of the less expensive marketing tools to generate new clients.

Bottom Line

All in all, an effective business communication does whatever it requires to generate substantial outcomes. Telephone on hold message is one of the business driving marketing tools that must be considered.

3 Utmost Important Reasons Signifying How Corporate Video Production is a must for Businesses

In the fast growing age of internet, customers are less likely to take interest in audible things or manual content piece. In fact, they are now encompassed with visual content that make them engaged for long. Even according to statistics, users are able to remember 10% of what is heard or read, whereas content with video included in it receives 96% of click through rate. This means that video content is far more effective plus brainstorming element to grab user attention.


Being a corporate organization, you are already aimed to dominate targeted audiences and relevant market area. So, switching to video communication strategy is the entire way business-driven platform that has been proven as an effective marketing and promotional source letting you generate striking presence in a while. That being said, corporate video production is an extremely versatile option to capture your targeted field in detail, plus, a versed platform to promote your company, products, and services as well.

In essence, here are some extremely productive reasons uncovered signifying in what way corporate videos can be a successful part to augment your business at the concrete level.

Corporate Videos for boosting sales As click-through-rate on video content is about 96 percent, creating an explained corporate video content along with real statistical data will anyhow help you lead your sales figure to the larger extent. In fact, studies represent that the 74 percent of users who accessed the video content are more likely to experience the product or service. This shows that visual appearance creates far more interest as compared to manual content. So, experiencing video platform is though a better option to boost sales.


Corporate Videos to Gain Credibility Business succeeds only when able to build credibility among the audiences for long. And, a short yet comprehensive corporate video production does it all. Whether you want grab your users by inspiring, emotional attachment, or want to allure them by showcasing several flexible benefits; all you can get through a simple video content. But, of course, if seriously want to profitable outcomes; it’s necessary that whatever you are representing should be coherent so that users can build clear perception about your business from the initial level that in turn enable long term relationships.

Corporate Videos to get increased number of Users Number of Smartphone users is rapidly increasing year by year, as they feel more convenient to access digital media. In 2016, the number of Smartphone users have been forecasted around 2.1 billion worldwide. And, as the users are addictive to watch the videos, this is a clear indication that having corporate video production can be very, very much useful and practical to enhance business value.


Conclusively, The bottom line is, every business wants to sustain in the market place ahead of their competitors even with cost effectivity and quality services. So, video promotional activity is all in all a substantial asset to shift the business to the next big level.

The Quality Voice Over Production Creates Quality results !!

With the fast paced lifestyle and the digital world spreading like a cloud, is Original voice over production dead? Maybe not!

Though the digital space rules the robotics and telecommunications, but our choices have remains original. none would like to listen to their favorite brand TV commercial with a robotic voice? Of-course not, right? Thus, in the field of TV advertising and film industry and even the radio, quality voice over still rules or in other words, we the audience prefer a human touch to the audio.

The audience are humans and can easily connect with the human voice as it contains certain inflection points as in when to pull which emotion.

How To Choose a good Voice over for your purpose

Whether you run a program on a radio or want to promote a product in the market, you will need a good voice that can reach well out to the audience and leave an impact on them.

In the 21st century, with so many talents coming in the limelight, you cannot randomly choose someone from the streets. To make your promotion reach the audience, an audition should be conducted. Always remember, the people do not prefer automated voice, they want emotions in the audio they hear.

Different people have different talents. First make sure what kind of information do you want the audience to hear and in what format. For example, whether you want an anchor or a radio jockey or someone to give voice over to an actor/actress in a commercial advertisement.

Talents have different speaking styles. Have a fair idea about what the audience wants to hear- Exciting? trustworthy? Funny or serious? Talent samples or demos should be thoroughly scrutinized before selecting the final candidate.

If you are looking for a talent, but do not know where to start from, you have reached the right place. We will take care of your this challenge. At Studio52 we are engaged in making your brand stand out. Our voice talent library consists of professional voice talents which are scrutinized as per your requirement. We provide high quality professional service for providing voice over production for your brand, which can be used for commercials, voices over radio, announcements, on hold messages and more.

Studio52 aims at providing the best voice over production, voice recording, audio production at an affordable price. We look for the talents you need and all you have to do is listen to the demos and finalize the one who fits your need.

There are certain reasons you should choose the right talent.

Firstly, some voices are capable of leaving a long lasting impact on others, hence it is necessary for your brand to carry the right profile.

Secondly, audience often start loving a particular voice or gets connected to the voice so much that they end up buying your products or listening to your show. For example, if you run a program on the radio, and have a really good jockey, who has a good voice as well as is skilled enough to keep the whole time entertaining the audience, even the show is not informative enough, people will listen to it, just because of the voice they get engaged with.

Therefore finding highly engaging voice over is the need of your business and to meet this challenge Studio52 is always ready to help. Contact Us today and enhance your business.

Don’t just talk the TALK but TONE the talk Too

We talk a lot about the importance of good communication, here at Studio52. A key ingredient to any successful relationship, strong communication is necessary between a company and its clients in order for long lasting loyalty to occur. There are, of course, numerous methods by which a business owner can secure new customers.

After all, it’s often said that the best type of promotion is the type that’s done by word-of-mouth. When a happy customer tells others about a rich experience, it goes a long way in securing that business a larger client base. With that said, it’s important to make good impressions every time your customers call. Whether they are new or existing clients, the customer experience needs to be top-notch, time in and time out.

You may sometimes experience a high call volume (does that sound familiar?) and have to keep callers on hold. Hold time, it needs to be noted, is a very important time for your business.

But how can you do that? Of course, in many cases, businesses simply play music for the holding caller. In other cases, companies choose to run verbal advertisements. Here are four reasons why on hold messages (telephone hold messages) are so important.

  1. CROSS-SELL Yes you read it correct..! Existing Products and/or Services, by maximizing the use of the on hold feature of your phone system, increasing productivity and sales.
  1. They keep the caller from hanging up 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold (according to an AT&T study), it’s important to consider what you’re on hold program says and how often you change the information presented. Some callers hearing nothing think they were hung up on, while others become more frustrated by the wait. A study found that callers who had information to listen to remained on hold up to three minutes longer. 
  1. They present your company as professional If the caller is a first time caller, remember, you cannot make a second first impression. Your professional image is literally on the line when callers are placed on hold. Make a good first impression.


Every time a guest or potential guest interacts with your facility, on the phone, online, or onsite, they’re on a journey with your organization. With today’s technology, you have the opportunity to control and influence that journey every step of the way, to promote your facility, build your brand, and grow your business. Let us show you how.

There are 3 main avenues of commerce into just about every business: Your front door, the Internet and your phones. All are important, but the“telephone” is possibly the most overlooked gateway to your success. Phone time presents an ideal opportunity to escalate sales. Effective telephone hold messages improve business by communicating the latest and greatest to a captive audience already interested in your services.

Have Fun!

Who says on hold messages have to be dull? Try one of these techniques to bring a little cheerfulness to your patient callers:

  • Play off the current season. Spring cleaning. Summer vacation. Fall sports. Holiday and New Year’s Day. In content marketing it’s called an editorial calendar. What’s coming with the change of seasons?
  • What callers don’t know? Introduce a really cool fact about your company that might raise an eyebrow (or two). You’ll boost your hold message’s entertainment value while making the audio more memorable.
  • Voices and sounds. Mix male and female voices in a conversation.

Voicemail: The last link in the telephone voice recording chain.

A voicemail prompt invites your customers to leave a message so that you can get back to them during regular business hours.

Voicemail is helpful to have because it acts as a personal secretary, recording your customer’s name, phone number and the reason why they called.  With this information, you can follow up with an interested person and meet their needs appropriately.

How does your hotel sound?

Think about it….often in the hotel industry, the first impression of your hotel or resort is when a potential guest calls your property. At On Hold Marketing & Communications, we work with you to understand your particular brand and create an effective Telephone on Hold marketing campaign that will captivate your potential guests.

For almost 40 years, we have worked with hotels and resorts around the world.

Why invest in a Corporate Video?

The modern Consumer

As I was browsing through the internet, across my social media accounts, I unexpectedly lost my internet connection. And from the agony of waiting for it to be fixed, I had come to realize the huge implication of the web, not just in my social life but of others as well. In fact, roughly 46% of the world’s population has internet access. Imagine how immensely influential the internet could be in embedding information to consumers of the web.

As digital audience increases, their attention span steadily decreases.  That is why messages need to be transmitted quick and conveyed well. Brands promoting their products have come to realize that significance and now innovating ways in order to retain traffic for their brand.

Proper Content is essential especially when there is limited attention span and the need for immediate fulfillment. A modern consumer is impatient and so information should be easily absorbed and retained.

Creating Client Engagement

One way to engage your consumers is through moving pictures and a compelling narrative. People absorb information differently and they love creativity. These can be channeled by achieving a high quality Corporate Video.

A Corporate Video is vital for any established business in the market; it has become a tool to increase presence in the digital marketing arena. It doesn’t just showcase the brand but produce a unique experience for future prospects.

By engaging your clients, it creates awareness for your product which establishes a demand for your brand. This generates profit and increases revenues.

Fortifying Internal Communication

Corporate videos aren’t just for attracting future clients but for reinforcing internal communication as well. Effective communication within the company is indispensable in creating a healthy working environment.  It increases collaboration and productivity among employees.  These may include orientation videos, video memos as well as training videos. A comprehensive and elaborate international communication is fundamental to both shareholders and employees in accomplishing goals within the company.

A proven formula

Finding the right company to project your company’s values with authenticity and credibility is difficult, especially when everyone’s claiming to be the number one.  Companies give their trust to someone who has established a name in the media industry and an attested experience in the field of audio-visual productions .  This is where we come in.

At Studio 52, we are a proven formula. For 4 decades we have given excellence in service to over 2000 clients in Dubai, the GCC and the rest of the world. We understand your needs and what consumers want.

It is inevitable for businesses to not immerse their brand in the digital market.  And Studio 52 will give you the leverage for that by producing the Right Video tailored for your needs.  Invest on something worth its weight in gold. Talk to us!

The four pillars of Audio Production

At an age of instant musical viral fame over youtube and other video streaming websites, the quality is of the recorded audio is often the deciding factor. You might have wondered why the CD you purchased off the shelf sounds much better than the hoarser recording your dad sings of the same tracks on his iPhone. How do audio engineers manage this impressive feat of turning voice into melody? Read on.

Professional acoustics. There are teams of audio engineering specialists who toil hard to make a single audio album and believe us when we it’s no easy feat. The key skill that is required in the production line is an ability to listen and to know what sounds right. At, we believe there are four pillars to a successful audio production campaign from recording the audio sample to finishing it in the high quality, peppered song that the audience would love to sing along with.

Here we go.

1) The first pillar is of recording the audio sample. A recording engineer’s responsibility lies in verifying that the musical elements are in place and the microphones are fully functional without a hitch. They need to be proficient with DAW systems as well as know even-tone sounds. The recording rooms are padded to prevent external sound from interfering but you need to keep in check should an airplane pass overhead or there are clicks and pops which might slip in the midst of the recording session.

2) The second pillar is quality editing. This is the process where the initial recorded audio is fine tuned and edited by removing noise (background sounds, pops, unwanted clicks or any other sounds), trimming out the track and the final sample is sent to stage three elaborated down below.

3) The third pillar of audio recording is the responsibility of the mixer/ sound engineering specialist who mixes and overlays sound effects on the tracks. In the mixing stage, you get to layer all sound effects intended to go with the track and create the final edition to proceed with the launch.

4) The final pillar of a successful audio production campaign is the mastering stage. We would like to draw attention to this important stage as this is which some producers choose to wilfully ignore. The first three pillars alone are sufficient to proceed with the final launch of the audio track or commercial voice over segments, but mastering helps in additionally improving the results. The sound engineer in charge of this process ensure that the track is presented to the clients after stage three (to gain their feedback) and then provide the last finishing coat of clean cut, quality and finesse to the tracks before the final launch.

Why is mastering so important enough not to miss it?
The sole responsibility of the sound specialist in the mixing stage is to improve the sound of the audio by providing better quality that’s beyond the scope of the mixing machine capability and see to it that the final recording is bug free and of top notch quality.
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Making Your Oil And Gas Safety Videos

Making your oil and gas safety videos is very easy when you are using the right gear. You want to make certain that you have equipment that will work for anyone, and you want to make it look professional so that everyone you show it to will get the right impression of what you are doing. There are many people who are going to watch these videos, and you want to make them as timeless as you can get. It will be a lot easier for you to get the work done when you use the right gear, and you also have to remember that you get everything you need without any problems.

Safety Videos

The Gear Is Easy To Buy

You can order the video equipment you need pretty easily, and that is going to make it very easy for you to get the video recording going as soon as possible. You do not want to feel like you are wasting time, and you also do not want to spend too much time getting the shots in for the videos. You can record everything faster, and you can record everything in the style that you want.

Make Sure The Computer Work For You

The computer that you record things with is very important because it is going to help you store and edit all the videos that you have been taking. That is the place where you can keep everything, and then you can cut the videos together when you are on the computer. There are many things that you can do once you have all the video on your computer, and then you will have every chance to create the best video.

Invest In Editing Software

Investing in the editing software that you need is the best part of this for you because it makes everything simpler. You will notice that you can create anything you want when you have better software, and you can do this yourself. You no longer need to have someone do it for you, and you can create as many of these videos as you can. There are many ways to get the safety videos done, but it is much easier for you to learn what to do when you use the tutorial on the program.

Stabilize Your Gear

You want to be sure that you have stabilized the gear that you are using so that you can get stable shots. This will make the video look like it was done by a professional, and it will help everyone understand the content that is in the video. There are many videos that will change the way you are running your business, and you have to be safe with your oil and gas business. The business will function better when you explain to everyone what they are supposed to do, and it is a video that you will be able to show often to make sure that there is no question about what should be done at work.

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